Natural Lens – Crown Glass

Spotters’ Crown Glass lenses are true precision optics.

Our Crown Glass lenses are ground and polished in a precise process that takes up to 20 hours. The result is a crystal clear, premium quality lens with zero distortion, giving you the sharpest, clearest vision. We have developed the industry’s thinnest Polarised Crown Glass lens range, and all of our polarising and real metallic mirror filters are protected between lens layers, so they can’t be scratched off. We are so sure of the performance of our Crown Glass lenses that we offer a 2 year guarantee against delamination.

Our Crown Glass lenses are chemically treated to increase tensile and compressive strength, enabling the lenses to withstand high thermal shock and general impact. These are also one of the most scratch resistant optical materials, so you have a lens suited to all day, every day wear.

Electromagnetic and Visible Light Spectrum

Electromagnetic & Visible light spectrum

You’ll notice that there’s a lot of talk about colour perception and contrast when it comes to choose your eyewear lenses. Before making your choice, it is important to look into the science of light.

The visible “white” light we see is actually composed of the millions of colours that make up the visible light spectrum.

The filters and colour of your eyewear lenses determine what wavelengths of light are transmitted through the lens to your eye. In precisely selecting which colours you “see”, your eyewear lenses slightly alter your colour perception which can lead to higher performance vision.


Emerald lens

> Tinted at the precise point that allows the human eye to perceive colour.

> Enhanced depth perception, sharpening object edges and greater visual definition.

We developed the Emerald lens because there is nothing else on the market that gives your eyes natural colour tones while delivering enhanced depth perception.

As a result, we’ve tinted the Emerald at the precise point in the electromagnetic spectrum that allows the human eye to perceive colour. This lens feels extremely soothing to your eyes, shows undulations in the field in front of you and contrasts objects under water to give you clearer vision. This lens is perfect for people who are colour blind or are uncomfortable with the copper tones of the Halide and Penetrator lenses.

Our Emerald Lens is tinted specifically at 555nm – the precise point in the visible spectrum for the human eye to perceive true colour. True colour perception also comes with the added bonus of enhanced depth perception, sharpening object edges and giving greater visual definition.

This lens can also be worn if you have a visual colour deficiency, such as colour blindness.

The Emerald lens is available in a selection of frames in the Spotters Range.