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Decoding Lens Colours

How different shades offer unique visual performance

Choosing the right lens colour isn't just about personal preference; it's about finding the perfect match for your environment, lifestyle and activities. At Spotters, we understand the importance of having lenses that not only protect your eyes, but also enhance your visual experience. Let's delve into the unique benefits of our five most popular lenses: Halide, Carbon, Ice Blue, Nexus and Ignite.

HALIDE: Perfect for off-roading


World’s darkest Photochromic Copper Crown Glass lens, adjusts lighter or darker to your total environment, offers amazing depth perception, and increased colour contrast, perfect for high-glare situations or sensitive eyes.

The Halide lens is a revolutionary high-definition lens designed to excel in extreme conditions. It significantly increases the contrast so that your surroundings appear brighter and reduces unwanted glare. Made with Photochromic technology, the lens also adjusts lighter or darker depending on your environment. This makes Halide perfect for off-roading and 4WDing, when your surroundings are constantly changing. The last thing you want to be doing is adjusting your sunnies when you’re navigating a challenging track!

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CARBON: Perfect for saltwater fishing or boating


Photochromic Grey Glass lens, natural colour perception, blocks glare and harsh bright light, adjusts lighter or darker to suit your surroundings.

One of our most popular lens choices, the Carbon lens is best in very bright conditions as it offers natural colour perception while cutting out harsh glare. Carbon lenses are great for saltwater fishing, boating or just chilling at the beach, when bright reflections from the sand and water can really tire your eyes. Its Photochromic feature also adjusts lighter or darker depending on your surroundings, allowing for comfortable wear throughout the whole day.

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ICE BLUE MIRROR: Optimal vision for working outdoors


Blue mirror lens, reflects light and heat away from the face, neutral stone grey outlook, enhanced depth perception.

The Ice Blue Mirror lens is a vibrant colour from the front but offers a neutral stone grey view through the lens. This provides natural colour perception for the wearer. The metallic particles also reflect bright light and heat away from your face, inducing a cooling effect and alleviating eye fatigue. For this reason, the Ice Blue Mirror lens is ideal for high-glare situations like tradies working outdoors where reflective surfaces can strain the eyes or being on the water where surface glare is constant.

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NEXUS MIRROR: Perfect for people who are colour blind


Iridescent blue/green mirrored lens, reflects light and heat away, natural outlook, enhanced depth perception.

Another of our most popular lenses, Nexus showcases an iridescent blue/green mirror lens with a natural outlook. The high definition emerald green base tint is incredibly soothing to your eyes, allowing for increased depth perception and improved colour awareness without altering your colour vision.

A lot of research and development has gone into creating the Nexus lens. We wanted to develop a base tint that gives your eyes natural colour tones while delivering enhanced depth perception and we found there was nothing quite like this in the market.

As a result, we’ve tinted the emerald base tint at the precise point in the electromagnetic spectrum that allows the human eye to perceive colour. This makes the Nexus green mirror lens perfect for people who are colour blind or are uncomfortable with the copper tones of the Halide and Penetrator lenses.

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IGNITE MIRROR: Ideal for winter activities


Vibrant red/gold lens, natural colour perception, protected by crown glass, scratch-resistant.

Similar to the Ice Blue lens, Ignite provides a vibrant red/gold style with a natural grey outlook. The grey lens tint takes your vision and relaxes it, removing any irritating glare and noise from your vision and providing perfect optical clarity. Especially suitable for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, these sunglasses reduce glare on snowy slopes. Moreover, they augment visibility while driving by enhancing depth perception and overall eyesight, making them a perfect choice for journeys on the road.

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When it comes to choosing the right lens for you, consider your daily routines, lifestyle and the activities that take you into the great outdoors. Whether you're off-roading, fishing, skiing, hiking, or simply enjoying the outdoors, our lenses are engineered to optimise your visual performance and protect your eyes. Experience the difference with Spotters' premium eyewear range today.

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