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Winner of best sunglasses at AFTA 2015.


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There are no quality eyewear solutions out there for guys with proper man size heads. These are the guys that look like they’re wearing their kids’ sunglasses – even when they try on the biggest pair in the store! It’s time for a solution.

Well balanced and built tough, this badass sunglass is engineered for real Aussie blokes who catch fish with their teeth, drive trucks blindfolded, digs mines with their hands tied behind their back and have Hulk proportioned melons.

Freak possesses a massive 150mm girth from screw to screw and the expansion flexibility to accommodate any man sized think tank. But Freak is not just about size. We’ve styled a chunky frame front to balance out the lens surface area, and added sculpted temples for a slick look.

Finally, a quality eyewear solution designed to fit YOU.

Halide / Gloss Black
Ice Blue / Gloss Black
Nexus / Gloss Black
Carbon / Gloss Black
CR Copper / Gloss Black

Delivering Extraordinary Visual Performance.

Tech Specs

Australian Owned Australian Owned
Polarised Crown Glass Polarised Crown Glass
Crown Glass – Chemically hardened for scratch resistance Crown Glass – Chemically hardened for scratch resistance
TR-90 frames – incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight TR-90 frames – incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight
Triple Activated Photochromic lenses Triple Activated Photochromic lenses
Lifetime Photochromic Warranty on Photochromic Properties Lifetime Photochromic Warranty on Photochromic Properties
100% UVA & UVC Protection 100% UVA & UVC Protection
Prescription Available Prescription Available
24 month Manufacturer’s Warranty 24 month Manufacturer’s Warranty
100% Polarised 100% Polarised
Perfect for driving & outdoors Perfect for driving & outdoors

Frame Fit

Frame Fit Frame Fit


2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Spotters Hard Case Spotters Hard Case
Spotters Neoprene Case Spotters Neoprene Case
Spotters Cleaning Cloth Spotters Cleaning Cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Craig Clarkson
Craigs freaks

My freak sunnies fit me perfectly, most comfortable sunglasses I’ve ever owned and the copper lenses make everything so clear

Best large glasses out there ever

I wore spotters for years and loved them till I found this pair. They are brilliant as I have a large head. My hats are 60cm and my nose bridge is high and about 20mm. I don't have to stretch these to fit them on my head and they don't fall off or anything like that. Thanks, Spotters for thinking of us men that need glasses that are not stretched onto our faces. This pair is great and last so much longer as they are not being bent in the middle to fit my head. The colours are superb as well and everything so so clear. Mine have glass lenses and the weight is evenly distributed on my nose so even with the extra weight they don't leave a mark.

Kids Sunnies

Built tough for little adventurers, our kids sunnies are flexible, scratch-resistant and ultra durable!


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