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Meet the crew.

The Spotters Crew are some of Australia’s most passionate and well-known anglers and outdoors adventurers. They share our values and appreciation for quality gear that allows them to enjoy the harshest Aussie conditions. Meet the crew and their Spotters picks!

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Paul Worsteling

Paul is arguably one of Australia’s most recognisable anglers, and one of our longest standing ambassadors! Host of the popular iFish TV show, Paul has been at the forefront of promoting the sport of fishing and inspiring anglers of all ages and abilities since he was just a teenager. When you’re spending as much time on the water as Paul is, the best fishing sunglasses are critical for both protection from cancer-causing UV, and for cutting out the glare and seeing through the surface of the water for the best possible fishing experience. Paul Worsteling’s fishing sunglasses combo of choice? The Spotters Rebel with Ignite Lens.

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Paul Rocking The Rebel Matt Ice

Sammy Hitzke

A full-time fishing fin-atic from the fishing hotspot of South East Queensland, Sammy Hitzke’s weekly YouTube fishing series should be a staple in every angler's YouTube diet! While Sammy serves up a stack of fishing inspiration, he also opens up his playbook from a lifetime of fishing, crabbing and prawning to guide fellow anglers with instructional videos of epic proportions. Sammy Hitzke’s fishing sunglasses of choice are the Spotters Fusion Matt with Nexus Lens!

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Sammy Rocking The Riot Matt Nexus

Rhys Creed

Rhys Creed is the Founder of Freshwater Fishing Education brand, Social Fishing. His favourite style of fishing is casting for Murray Cod in fast water rivers - a fishing style that requires the very best polarised fishing sunglasses to help cut through the glare of murky freshwater. With a belief that everyone should get the chance to experience fishing as their lifelong passion, we’re stoked to have such a talented, passionate and giving angler on the crew whose mission connects with our own.

Rhys Rocking The Fusion Matt Nexus

Jamie Hazeldon

Jamie AKA The Australian Bushman is exploring off the grid in a truck set up to go anywhere! Although we’re known for being Australia’s best fishing sunglasses, if you’re spending time outdoors in Australia the right sunnies will level up your experience, and ensure the protection of your eyes from harmful UV. That’s where Spotters come in handy for Jamie as he travels the country, featuring his adventures on multiple TV shows!

Jamie Rocking The Fusion Carbon

Angus James

From salt to the fresh, Angus is a passionate fisherman who loves the thrill of the chase when targeting a wide range of species. He is a true outdoorsman that thrives on being outside in tough Australian elements, which is why he uses the best eye protection. Angus enjoys all styles of fishing but you will often find him in the tight back water environments kayak fishing, visually scanning for fishy activity with his favourite prescription Rebel Spotters.


Tyson Palmer

Tyson is a Cairns-based angler that fishes the creeks, lakes, and estuaries in Northern Queensland for a variety of tropical species. But it's casting topwater lures over the reef flats, bommies, and coral edges that is his true love. His love for this skill is driven from its therapeutic nature of covering a flat with a fly rod in hand. Tyson’s all time favourite pair of Spotters is the Rebel frame with Nexus lens which is his go to for just about everything!

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Michelle Brittain

A force to be reckoned with, Michelle has been forging the way for women in recreational fishing over the last 4 years. In between running fishing events, talks and tv appearances, she is passionate about promoting women in the industry and encouraging more chicks to get out there and fish! Michelle was first introduced to fishing by her pop and she learnt a lot from her Dad who would always take her to jetties and banks as a kid. With generations of knowledge behind her, Michelle is excited to pass that onto her daughter and other women or men starting their fishing journeys. Michelle Brittain’s favourite fishing sunglasses are the Spotters Riot with Nexus lens!

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Vinnie Versfeld

Vinnie Versfeld has fished all over the world but has lived in Townsville for 14 years as a passionate angler, guide, and social media personality. Vinnie fishing sunglasses combo of choice? For him, the Cristo frame with the Nexus Mirror lenses has the perfect wrap-around fit. The tight wrap eliminates incoming glare and the slim arms are so comfortable even when worn with a cap!


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