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Tyson Palmer

<span>Tyson Palmer</span>

Tyson is a Cairns-based angler that fishes the creeks, lakes, and estuaries in Northern Queensland for a variety of tropical species. But it's casting topwater lures over the reef flats, bommies, and coral edges that is his true love. His love for this skill is driven from its therapeutic nature of covering a flat with a fly rod in hand. Tyson’s all time favourite pair of Spotters is the Rebel frame with Nexus lens which is his go to for just about everything!

What are your top 3 spots to go fishing?

The Great Barrier Reef, I mean who wouldn’t love to fish the GBR! 

Next up is Cape York Peninsula. The remoteness and adventure of the actual trip is what drives me to this place. 

And thirdly would have to be the Gulf of Carpentaria. So much ground to cover and so many different species to target!

What is your favourite species to catch?

At this present time it would have to be the permit on fly. It doesn’t matter how many of these guys I catch they all seem to be just as special as the last. Although at times it can be a real love-hate relationship between the permit and I!

What is your favourite style of fishing?

I would definitely choose fly fishing over everything! It is 100% my favourite technique at the moment. I find it therapeutic covering a flat with a fly rod in hand. 

Most memorable fishing catch?

I have been lucky enough to have a few special moments and captures when it comes to fishing. But one that will stick with me forever is a trip I did with a good mate Wade, and I caught a rare Barramundi that had markings like I have never seen before! This thing was yellow in colour and had the markings of a tiger and to top it off it went over the meter mark. A very special fish!

What are your favourite pair of Spotters?

Spotters of choice: Rebel

My all time favourite pair of Spotters are the Rebel frame with Nexus lens. These seem to be my go to for just about everything! They fit my head and seem to tuck up into my hat well without squeezing and giving me a headache. I love these shades.


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