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About Spotters

About Spotters

Over the last 24 years, Spotters has been built on the ideals of Australians. Our mission is to offer a uniquely Australian product. We are 100% Australian owned and are a 2nd generation family run business.

We design and develop our sunglasses to survive Australia’s harshest conditions. Our sunglasses are designed to protect us from some of the harshest UV exposure in the world, combat extreme glare, while still being stylish and supremely comfortable. Our passion for innovation is unsurpassed and our dedication to the best quality and most technologically advanced materials drives us ever forward!

Like you, we believe in operating with honesty and integrity. Australians are deeply passionate about being outdoors. Whether you enjoy the salty tang of our marine environments or the pristine waters of our freshwater lakes and rivers, water runs through the veins of all Australians. We fish, hike, bike and camp. If it has an engine, we’ll drive it, on road or off road. We thrive on long weekends, spending time with family and hanging out with friends. We love nothing more than experiencing the wonders Australia has to offer.

When it comes to giving you visual performance, we don’t think outside the box.
For us, there is no box.

We are passionate about developing innovative technologies, creating new materials and engineering advanced eyewear to give you unsurpassed visual performance. Our designs are built around important features like optical quality distortion-free lenses and ergonomically designed frames. Our attention to detail extends from marine grade stainless steel screws, screwed in logos so they can’t fall off and low allergenic thermal rubber compounds.

A Spotters eyewear purchase is an investment in your long term eye-health. Living in a country with some of the world’s harshest conditions, your eyewear must withstand and protect you from Australia’s extreme UV exposure, intense light and glare. Our polarised performance eyewear delivers incredible quality, value, optimum visual performance and supreme comfort.


Check out how Spotters Polarised Performance sunglasses and eyewear are made in our Melbourne facility.


See Brett Wilson experience Spotters HD polarised performance vision


Our Ice Blue Mirror lens is now available in prescription

Meet the Spotters crew.

Sammy Hitzke Fishing
Paul Worsteling - iFish
Rhys Creed
Nige Webster

Check it out on @spotterssunglasses

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