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Michelle Brittain

<span>Michelle Brittain</span>

A force to be reckoned with, Michelle has been forging the way for women in recreational fishing over the last 4 years. In between running fishing events, talks and tv appearances, she is passionate about promoting women in the industry and encouraging more chicks to get out there and fish! Michelle was first introduced to fishing by her pop and she learnt a lot from her Dad who would always take her to jetties and banks as a kid. With generations of knowledge behind her, Michelle is excited to pass that onto her daughter and other women or men starting their fishing journeys. Michelle Brittain’s favourite fishing sunglasses are the Spotters Riot with Nexus lens! We sat down with this fishing extraordinaire and all-round wonderful human to find out more!

What are your top 3 spots to go fishing?

My local is the southern end of Port Phillip Bay, Port Welshpool and the South Australian Eyre Peninsula. Across these three spots, there are so many different species to catch using different techniques.

You do need local knowledge and tips when boating here to get to know weather patterns and tides as it can be quite tricky and turn very quickly!

What is your favourite species to catch?

My absolute favourite fish to catch is King George Whiting and Yellowtail Kingfish. I love the sporty fight they both put in and the table quality. Both species always intrigue me, and I learn something new each season. I have recently started tagging the Kingfish to help monitor their movements and growth.

I also love to catch Southern Calamari, Southern Bluefin Tuna, Snapper and the good old Blue Spot Flathead.

What is your favourite style of fishing?

I target the kings around Victoria with live bait or top water casting. King George Whiting are all around my local bays which allows me to go fishing most days to stay clear of bad weather. I use black magic tackle pre rigs with fresh bait to target and catch them.

Most memorable fishing catch?

I have so many favourite species, my top two favourites would be the Yellowtail Kingfish and King George Whiting. I love the challenge with these species; both are fun to catch and have great taste.

What inspires you to fish?

My pop taught me how to fish at a very young age and my dad continued to take me to jetties and banks on holidays. I hired little boats throughout my teen years and fished with boyfriends on their boats throughout my 20’s and 30’s.

So, I have learnt a lot from the men in my life and its nice to be able to have that knowledge to now pass onto my daughter and other women or men to start them on their fishing journeys.

I love the places fishing takes you - adventures, fun, adrenaline, education, mental health, escape the daily grind, knowledge, fitness, food, community and connections.

What are your favourite pair of Spotters?

Spotters of choice: Riot

That’s a hard decision to make as I have a couple different pairs that serve their purpose and I LOVE all of them! But the Riot Nexus would be my favourite on the water sunglasses for blue water bays and offshore. The metallic mirrors are sandwiched between crown glass so they can’t be damaged or scratched off. Hallelujah to that as my sunglasses go through a lot of activity!


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