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Sammy Hitzke

<span>Sammy Hitzke</span>

A full-time fishing fin-atic from the fishing hotspot of South East Queensland, Sammy Hitzke’s weekly YouTube fishing series should be a staple in every angler's YouTube diet! While Sammy serves up a stack of fishing inspiration, he also opens up his playbook from a lifetime of fishing, crabbing and prawning to guide fellow anglers with instructional videos of epic proportions. We sat down to chat with this Aussie fishing legend.

What are your top 3 spots to go fishing?

If I had to pick three spots I think I'd go; Ningaloo Station in WA, Fraser Island in QLD and my home ground South East Queensland. I haven't done a great deal of international angling, but regardless I think the fishing we have on our doorstep here in OZ is pretty first class.

What is your favourite species to catch?

This is always a hard question. When you love fishing, most of the time you don't really care what you're chasing, just as long as you're out there doing it... But, if I had to choose my favourite, it would be Tailor and Mulloway. There's not much to dislike about these fish, they both fight hard, are good eating and you can catch them landbased which means they are available for all anglers to target. They are also fish that I grew up chasing with my old man, so there is probably an element of nostalgia in there as well.

What is your favourite style of fishing?

My favourite technique is standing on a rocky headland and spinning lures through the wash zones for Mulloway and Tailor. Particularly at dawn. Watching the sun come up over the ocean, getting sprayed by salt mist and catching a few fish is probably the best way to start the day in my books!

Most memorable fishing catch?

I've been fairly lucky over the years to experience some unreal fishing and catch some really cool fish so it's extremely hard to narrow it down. It's not always the biggest fish that are your proudest captures, it can be quite situational. Here are a few of my favourites!
• 4.3kg tailor off the beach at Fraser Island while filming for Creek to Coast

• Catching Wahoo on stickbaits at Cato Reef

• My first big Mulloway on a lure

• Catching a Blue Marlin solo

• Jigging a Blue Eye Trevalla in 560m I'll pull it up there or we'll be here all day!!

What inspires you to fish?

What inspires me to fish is the unknown. You never know when that fish of a lifetime will come along, it might be the next cast, next tide or next week you just never know. It always keeps you coming back for more, it's addictive!

What are your favourite pair of Spotters?

Spotters of choice: Fusion

Favourite Spotters are the Fusions with Nexus Lens. Love them! They fit my boofhead really well and block out the sun on the sides. Perfect for a day on the water!


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