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Shades for Change: Spotters x Tuna Champions


Limited Edition Spotters x Tuna Champions Sunglasses for Sustainable Seas

In the vast expanse of Australia's oceans, a positive change is shimmering on the horizon. We have partnered with Tuna Champions, a group of recreational fishers dedicated to responsible practices, to introduce a limited edition run of Crypto sunglasses with Ice Blue lenses. These shades are more than a fashion statement; they are a symbol of the evolving narrative in tuna fisheries.

The Ice Blue lenses in the limited edition Crypto frames serve as a constant reminder of the optimistic shift occurring in tuna fisheries around Australia. By sporting a pair of these sunglasses, you not only shield your eyes but become part of a movement advocating for sustainable seas.

Tuna Champions, at the heart of this collaboration, represent a community of recreational fishers who share a profound respect for the Southern Bluefin Tuna. Their ethos revolves around responsible fishing practices, from catch to release, and extends to how they prepare and utilise the fish. Tuna Champions not only value the thrill of the catch but also the responsibility that comes with it.

By choosing these limited edition Tuna Champions sunglasses, you directly contribute to the ongoing efforts to understand more about tuna and support initiatives spreading awareness on responsible fishing practices. You can purchase these sunglasses through the University of Tasmania Tuna Champions website on the link below:

Buy Spotters x Tuna Champions Crypto Ice Blue Sunglasses

Tuna Champions embody a commitment to the best fishing practices for tuna, ensuring that every aspect, from catching and handling to releasing and preparing, is done with the utmost care.

It's a movement rooted in respect – respecting the fish and the delicate balance of our oceans. It's about embracing change and understanding that sustainability is not just a concept but a responsibility we all share. So, join the cause, grab your limited edition Spotters Sunglasses, and let your style reflect your commitment to sustainable seas and responsible fishing. Together, let's make every catch count.

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